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    Contiki – Influence Marketing Campaign


    The final project for my ‘Influence Based Marketing‘ course was to create an entire Influence Marketing Campaign for a brand or a product. As I’m always wondering about vacation and discovering new cultures, I decided to create a campaign for Contiki.

    Contiki is a travel company specializes in organizing trips for 18-to-35 years-olds. They offer over 270 trips around the world, going from 3 days to 55 days and from $355 to $11,595. The company was created by John Anderson who travelled from New Zealand to London to discover Europe. Since 1962, they’ve had 2,000,000 travellers.

    Since 2012, Contiki works with Macro-Influencers for their campaign #TheRoadTrip. Therefore, I decided to go back to the essence of the brand and base my campaign on “ordinary people” who will become Micro-Influencers.

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