Starbucks – Internet Market Research (Research Design)


For my Internet Market Research course, I conducted a research around Starbucks and the consumption of plastic and paper cups. The questions were available on Google Survey

Section 1: Decisive question

Question 1: Are you a Starbucks customer? Yes/No

This question is mandatory. If the interviewee answers ‘Yes’ they will go to Section 2, if they answer ‘no’ the survey will resume.

Section 2: Customers habits

Question 1: How often do you visit Starbucks? Daily/Frequently (more than 4 times/week)/Occasionally (1-3 times/week)/Rarely (a few times throughout the month) 

This question evaluates the consumption habits of the customers, if they can be considered as loyal customers.

Question 2: What do you usually buy at Starbucks? Hot beverage/Cold beverage/Fresh Food/Merchandise

This is a multiple-choice question to evaluate the habits of the customer and if they are part of our target audience (Starbucks customers who consume hot and cold beverages).

Section 3: Issue the business is facing

Question 1: Did you know Starbucks cups are not recyclable? Yes/No

The City of Toronto declared “an estimated 45,000 tonnes of garbage were mistakenly put into recycling bins” in 2015. This includes paper and plastic coffee cups. It is therefore assumed that many customers don’t know the cups aren’t recyclable.

Question 2: Starbucks offers 10¢ discount every time the customers bring their own mug, do you think it is reasonable? Yes/No

This question introduces the following questions.

Question 3: Would you visit a Starbucks store more often if the discount was higher?

This question offers a linear scale to answer with ‘1’ being ‘unlikely’ and 5 being ‘more likely’.

This answer is not required since the interviewee can answer ‘Yes’ to the previous question.

Question 4: How much of a discount will you consider reasonable?

This answer is not required since the interviewee can answer ‘Yes’ to the previous question. It offers the possibility to the client to speak up and suggest a discount.

Question 5: Do you have any other ideas on how Starbucks could incite their customers to bring their own mugs? E.g. a reward program, the 10th drink in a home mug, Starbucks offers you a free drink

This question is to populate creative ideas among Starbucks customers and to show them the company evaluates their opinion.

Section 4: Demographic questions

Question 1: What is your age?

This question is to evaluate in which target audience the customer is.

Question 2: Are you…? Male/Female/Prefer not to say

Question 3: If you would like to receive the result of this survey, feel free to add your email address. 

Offering the result of the survey to the interviewees to maintain the sentiment that their opinion is valuable. Sometimes when you answer a survey, you don’t see any outcomes. This way the audience Is aware of it.

To read more about this research, click on the various steps:

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