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SCCAS – Awareness Campaign (Fall 2016)


To finish the first semester of Social Media at Seneca, as a group project, we were tasked to create an awareness campaign online for Seneca College Counselling and Accessibility Services (SCCAS). SCCAS is a department in Seneca College that operates to support students who are dealing with the complexities of College life. They primarily focused on providing counselling for students who have personal concerns and accommodating students with disabilities.

In my group, I was responsible to create most of the visuals for the campaign. I share my personal creations in this post.

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Seneca College’s Counselling and Accessibility Services department has its own page on Seneca College website where you can find information about the department and its services. I created a micro website ( for the department in order to develop valuable content for Seneca’s students and be the number one platform to search for advices.

To reflect SCCAS identity, we changed the theme of the microsite from “Twenty Sixteen” to “Olsen Light”. This theme is more professional looking and was inspired by Seneca College website (i.e. colors, background). The Call to Action is represented by the header “Don’t let loneliness get to you this holiday season. Speak to Us… because #SCCASListens” available on above the fold for desktop and mobile versions.

We added Google Analytics to evaluate the success of SCCAS microsite, which content attracts the most and where our audience is coming from (demographically, geographically and socially). We added a couple of plugins: Yoast SEO (to evaluate our keywords and readability), BackUpWordPress (to always have a backup of our microsite in emergency scenario), Jetpack (to add different functionality to the microsite like share buttons, like button, related post at the end of each blog posts) and TablePress (to create table content).

I created 4 pages :

  • Homepage for a brief background for SCCAS department and explains the different services available to the students and the faculty. There is a video titled “Seneca College – Because #SCCASlistens” and created for the campaign #SCCASlistens.
  • Success Stories will share the success stories which students allow the department to share anonymously or otherwise. At the moment, there are 3 sample of stories. Using storytelling is a great tool to share a message. It’s inspiring and it will motivate the students to contact SCCAS if they can see how their work matters and helped others in similar situations.
  • Tips & Tricks share advices on how to cope with depression, loneliness or other mental issues but also how to recognize if you are stressed, if you suffer from anxiety and how you can live with it by adjusting your life with simple actions like taking a short walk outside, breathing or meditation exercises. For this purpose, my classmate Yuliia created an infographic with “5 Tips to Recognize You are Stressed and How to Deal with it”.
  • Contact Page was created on this 4th page to make the information easily found by our visitors at any time.


I created a 47 seconds video called to promote the #SCCASlistens campaign. We used the word “because” to remind Seneca College slogan “Because it matters”. The purpose of the video is to create a call to action and encourage students who might suffer of loneliness and depression during the holiday season to visit the SCCAS office or contact the counsellors. The video was ready for Seneca College Facebook page and their YouTube channel.

This campaign was not supposed to be completed.

It was an assignment to combine all the skills we learnt in the first semester of the program Social Media (SMD).

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