Let Me Tell You the Story of Tim Hortons


The Coffee brand Tim Hortons has a pretty strong presence in Canada physically but also in the heart of the citizens. The brand is not this little franchise from 1964 in Hamilton opened by the Maple Leafs hockey player Tim Horton anymore. They became a real institution developing diverse programs with children and charities at the core of their actions. Nowadays the expressions “Double Double” and “Timbits” are part of the daily vocabulary of anyone living in the country. That’s what happened when your brand serves more than 2 billions of cups of coffee every year!

Tim Hortons - Infographics

Infographic made using a combination of the free tools Canva & Picmonkey

Visual Resources from Flaticon & Pixabay: cup&page=5&position=69 people&page=4&position=47 player&page=1&position=13 player&page=1&position=2 pot&page=1&position=29

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