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Instagram Survival Guide for Businesses

With over 500 million monthly active users, Instagram has become one of the most popular Social Media platforms in less than 5 years. Businesses are more and more tempted to choose Instagram as their primary platform to build a new social media campaign. A picture is worth a thousand words and organizations understand that.

How to start a marketing campaign on Instagram?

1. Start with the foundation and make your account professional

Use your business name as the account name, write a short biography that will capture your audience, add your company information and use your logo as a profile picture.

2. Create an appropriate strategy according to your audience

Establish who will be your main audience while keeping in mind that 90 percent of Instagram users are younger than 35 years old. What could you publish on Instagram that will add a value to your brand? Define your goals, the type of content you will post, the frequency, which hashtags to use and who to follow in order to increase your number of followers.

3. Share your own creative content

Even if you receive the permission from the original artist, you must credit their work because they own all the copyrights of the image or video you are sharing. An alternative option will be to use an app like Repost. This application will allow you to post the content with a caption of the original user. Therefore, other viewers will be able to locate the original artist.

4. Don’t use others people’s content to generate revenue

Instagram Ad Solutions can be a great tool for your business to promote your product or services. However, if you decide to repost someone else work, you can only use this picture or video for nonprofit purposes. The post cannot include any call-to-action that would generate revenue for your company.

5. Post photos and videos that won’t hurt others feelings

You need to adapt your Instagram feed to a general audience. You cannot post contents that are pornographic, violent, discriminatory, hateful. Instagram has a strict policy about sexual and violent content which will resume in deleting the picture or video you posted or your entire account if the content is judged inappropriate.

For further tools, I would suggest you take a look at Instagram for Business which will help you develop your brand on Instagram!



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