Herschel Supply Co. Wanderlust 2016


Herschel Supply Co. is a Canadian brand of backpacks and accessories. Founded by the brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack in 2009, the brand adopted the name of their hometown in Saskatchewan. The inspiration behind the brand is totally retro, inciting you to wanderlust (a strong desire to travel) and giving you the feeling you are going to camp in the beautiful green land of Canada. While the collections are pretty diverse, the typical customer is a 18-to-35-year-old man whose style is close to the hipster lumberjack with a keen interest in vintage objects.

The Concept behind Herschel Supply Co. Wanderlust 2016

Herschel Supply Co. Wanderlust 2016 is a social media campaign to be established on the Instagram account of the brand. This campaign is focusing on the Fall 2016 Collection highlighting seasonal colours like burgundy, mustard, taupe… The campaign is for young active men in search of true adventure into the nature.

Pictures were taken with an iPhone 6S using the regular camera.

Concept 1: Herschel Supply Co. feat. Pantone

Concept 1: Herschel Supply Co. feat. Pantone

As a prelude to the campaign, the first picture is inspired by Pantone colour range and showcases the Top 9 colours available for the Fall 2016 Collection. The colours chosen are suggesting the nature with a gradation of burgundy, red or orange and neutral masculine tones with various blue, grey or beige alone or created with prints (camo) or particular fabrics (chambray).

Applications used
Afterlight App: cut each picture into a square shape and revised the contrast, exposure, and brightness when needed to not alternate the original colour but optimize it.
PicFrame: created the collage. The frame used was 1:1.

Concept 2: What’s in my Herschel backpack?

Concept 2: What's in my Herschel backpack?

The “What’s in my bag?” trend is really popular on Youtube offering about 1,500,000 results. It started with beauty and fashion female vloggers showcasing the casual stuff they are caring on a daily basis in their handbags. The trend has become really popular on Instagram with the introduction of the knolling effect offering a more neat and attractive visual.

The description will engage the followers to share in the comment section their fall essentials.

Applications used:
Snapseed: cropped the picture into a square and corrected the temperature using the brush tool.

Concept 3: #HerschelGetaway contest

Concept 3: #HerschelGetaway contest

The last picture is enclosing the Herschel Supply Co. Wanderlust 2016 campaign on an apotheosis. This picture, taken at Algonquin Provincial Park, is introducing the Photo Challenge Contest to win one week in a cabin in the park for 4 people. The giveaway will run for 3 weeks.

How to enter?

  1. The users need to post their own photo of favourite outdoor adventure on their personal account. The picture needs to match with Herschel Supply Co. culture;
  2. One picture is allowed per contestant and the account needs to be public;
  3. They need to follow @HerschelSupply, repost the rules (to increase the numbers of participation) and use the hashtag #HerschelGetaway in the description of the picture;
  4. The social media team will review the participation and the winner’s picture will be posted on Herschel Instagram account once the contest ends.

The picture follows the classic rule of thirds expressing a sense of calm and relaxing space that a trek in the wood can offer you.

Application used
Afterlight App: framed the picture into a square. No other change was applied on the picture since it shows the natural colours of the fall season.

The purpose of Herschel Supply Co. Wanderlust 2016 is to engage with the existent Instagram followers of the brand, attract new followers and also raise awareness.

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