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With numerous and high-end editing applications available on a smartphone, desktop image editors have something to worry about. While editing for my personal blog, I constantly find myself turning to my iPhone instead of Photoshop and other picture editors. Who is to blame? An exorbitant price, the difficulty of understanding and limited tools available on the free or trial versions. On the other side, mobile applications offer you endless possibilities!

Being in the Fall spirit, I decided to create two images slightly similar for Starbucks. I imagine those pictures being posted on Facebook in order to generate awareness and lead to a discussion between the brand and its audience.

Desktop Picture

Original version
Desktop Original

For this picture, I decided to use the free version of the online photo editor Picmonkey. I started by reducing the Shadow from 20%, then I added the filter “Tranquil” to 40%. I like how we can choose the intensity of a filter giving the option to have really different pictures in one click. Usually “Tranquil” gives a vintage style to your picture with a blue undertone. By changing the Shadow beforehand, we don’t get the usual blue undertone but something balancing between orange and green.

Then I added “HDR” filter. I only applied the Radius to 4% and left the Intensity to 0%. The idea is to reinforce certain details like the lines of the Starbucks cup. I finally added a black square to the entire picture, fading the black to 84% to darken the picture so my white text will stand out on top of the picture.

For the text, I opted for the font “Tall Dark And Handsome” in white for a better contrast. I spaced up each letter to fill the picture. I also used Picmonkey to resize to Facebook standards 940px x 788px.

Edited version
Desktop edit

Mobile Picture

Original version
Phone original

For the second picture, I opted first for the application Afterlight to apply my 2 filters. In the subcategory “Original”, I picked the filter called “Coral” to 100%. As you can imagine, this filter has a vintage effect giving your picture an orange look recalling the colors of the season. I went to the second subcategory of filters “Guest” and chose “Russ” to 100%. I like how this filter whitens some details and makes the drink smoother.

Unfortunately, this application has its limits and doesn’t offer you the possibility to add text. I decided to use Snapseed for this purpose and added the pre-designed text “M8”.

Edited version
Phone edit 940x788

I wanted something really different for both pictures while keeping the same vintage vibe. In my opinion, the mobile version is more appealing. The pre-designed text is really a plus on the application Snapseed. It’s definitely possible to operate the same way on a desktop editor, although it might take you more time and with Social Media, you need to be in the moment!

Nowadays everything can be done faster, easier and professionally with a smartphone in your hands. Oh dear technology!

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