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Chapman’s Ice Cream – Social Media Campaign (Content Samples)


To end the second semester of my Social Media course, we were given a ‘Capstone Project‘. The idea was to create a social media campaign for a client. My team, the Ice-Cream Squad, was able to work for the agency the social marKit and we imagined an online campaign for Chapman’s Ice Cream.

The purpose of this campaign was to [1] create engaging posts for Facebook and Instagram, [2] build a community and [3] turning these new community member’s actions/engagements trackable in-store sales.

I was responsible for the creation of the social content for Facebook & Instagram.

Content Samples

  1. Penny & David Adventures – Facebook & Instagram

Following the video, a Facebook post will introduce Penny & David, the mascots behind Chapman’s logo, in cartoon shapes. They will introduce themselves and ask the followers if they recognized them in the video. The same post in carousel version will be posted on Instagram. Every week, the users will have a snippet of their lives, their tastes, their personalities to get familiar with them and to get attach to them. This type of post will be published every Tuesday.

On Friday, Penny and David are taking over Chapman’s Instagram. They will be sharing random facts about Ice Cream or the brand. There will be a turnover, on odd weeks Penny will share the fact and on even weeks, it will be David. For example, on May 5, Penny explains “Did you know Chapman’s products are solely made of 100% Canadian dairy ingredients?”.

Original picture from Pixabay

  1. Wednesday Question – Facebook

Every Wednesday, Chapman’s will engage with the audience around simple questions to get to know their customers better and what they like about their products and ice cream in general. For example, the first question on May 3 is “Which classic flavors is your favorite one?” The possible answers are “Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate, Strawberry or Butterscotch Ripple”. The customers will need to reply with an emoji (respectively Like, Love, Haha, Wow) to demonstrate their preference.

  1. Curated Content – Facebook

To vary the content on Facebook, we will also post curated content on Monday, Thursday and Saturday if there is no special celebration happening. The theme of these posts remains the ice cream and will evolve around any activities where we can eat ice cream. E.g. the best parks to have a barbeque in Canada, 27 reasons to eat ice cream, best addresses to go strawberries picking, and activities to do on Victoria Day etc.

Original post “27 Reasons to Eat Ice Cream” from Odyssey

  1. Friday Engagement – Facebook

Every Friday, we will engage with our customers around a question. The concept is similar to “Wednesday Question” because it will allow us to have a better understanding of our audience and even get inspired by them. On May 5, the first contest will be the question “If you had to create your own ice cream flavor what would it be?”. This question is interesting for the brand because it will allow them to review their product range and maybe create a new product.

  1. Shout Out Saturday – Instagram

Every Saturday, Chapman’s Instagram account will showcase a picture from their followers as a shout out to them to thank them for their fidelity. It will be part of a contest, we will ask them to tag us on their most appealing, attractive, mouth-watering or funny picture of ice cream and one picture will be featured on the Instagram account.


  1. Yummy Sunday – Facebook & Instagram

On Sunday, we will publish a 1-minute video of an easy recipe made with Chapman’s products to inspire the customers to try our ice creams differently. The video will be posted on Facebook and Instagram and will be in the same spirit of Tasty’s recipe videos.

Tasty is a company based in New York, they are specialized in cooking videos published on Facebook ( and then share the content on their other platforms. They offer short video of a step-by-step recipe to create alone or with your family. The videos are easy to understand due to the step-by-step instructions and visually appealing (colors, production, ingredients).


  1. Other Types of Content

Depending on the actuality and the celebrations (holidays and food days), we will also create specific content to stay on track with what is happening.

Curated content for May 4/Star Wars Day to publish on Instagram

Original picture from Star Wars Instagram

Mother’s Day post for Facebook

The post will include a comment from Ashley Chapman, Penny & David’s son and now CEO of Chapman’s Ice Cream. He will share a childhood memory about his mother to express his admiration for her on Mothers’ Day. The post asks the followers to also share in the comments something about their mother.

We will also post the same picture on Instagram without much details about the photograph. In the caption, we will invite the followers to visit Chapman’s Facebook page to discover the story behind the picture.

The original picture is for illustration. It’s not Ashley & Penny Chapman but my grandmother and my uncle.

May 2017 – Content Calendar

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