Campaign Video Visual Creation

Chapman’s Ice Cream – Social Media Campaign (Barbeque Video)


To end the second semester of my Social Media course, we were given a ‘Capstone Project‘. The idea was to create a social media campaign for a client. My team, the Ice-Cream Squad, was able to work for the agency the social marKit and we imagined an online campaign for Chapman’s Ice Cream.

The purpose of this campaign was to [1] create engaging posts for Facebook and Instagram, [2] build a community and [3] turning these new community member’s actions/engagements trackable in-store sales.

I was responsible for the creation of the social content for Facebook & Instagram.

Barbeque Video on Facebook & Instagram

The Chapman’s family invited their neighbours, the Donaldson, for a barbeque in their garden. The Donaldson announce they brought the dessert: ice cream. Once the announcement is done, everybody wonders which ice cream they picked as they all have their preferences and their special dietary. The concept behind the video is to show there is a Chapman’s treat for everyone in the family. The video ends with a question for the viewers “Which ice cream do you think the Donaldson brought to the barbeque?” and then a call to action inviting them to visit Chapman’s Ice Cream Facebook page so they can receive a coupon to save $1.00 on any Chapman’s product. This 3-minute video introduces the Summer Campaign on Monday, May 1st, 2017 and will be posted on Facebook. A 60-second version will be posted on Instagram the same day.


Story Board

I created a full story board to help the social marKit in the creation of the Barbeque video.

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