3 Easy Steps to Create a Video on Instagram


If I had to choose between all the social media platforms available today, my decision will be quick: Instagram. Photography has always been a passion and Instagram became easily part of my daily routine. I like to think about the picture that I want in my feed. Does it match with my current theme? Does it bring up an emotion to my followers? If I look back at it, would I still like the picture? Those are the questions that pop in my mind before posting on Instagram.

Strangely I have never been attracted by the video aspect of the app. I just never used it. Sometimes I publish videos of a concert that I attend. However, I have never really looked at Instagram with a videographer eye. Therefore, it was a challenge for me to try out this function.

How to create a video on Instagram in 3 easy steps with an iPhone 6s:


All the images used to create the infographic of the steps are free tools offered on Pixabay.

  1. Hold the record button to capture your video, stop and hold again to capture another clip;
  2. Press “Next” once you recorded everything you need. You can delete the last clip you recorded;
  3. Watch your video, keep or remove the sound, choose a filter from the Instagram library and finish your post with a caption, the location and by sharing it on social networks like you will usually do with a picture.

My first Instagram video

I wanted to tell a story and offer you the perfect activity to do on a rainy day: go vinyl hunting and then listen to great music looking at the rain in the comfort of your home.

Before creating your video on Instagram, here are some elements you should think about:

  • Tell a story

If a picture is worth a thousand words. How beneficial a video can be? When you decide to create a video, think about what you want to tell your audience. What is the additional value you can bring using pictures in motion instead of static pictures?

  • Establish the shots you want to include in the video

When you shoot a video using Instagram, you can create different cuts. You just need to release your finger from the record button between the shots. So you can create a real story. Each cut will be following each other as sequences. Unfortunately, the video function has its limitations. Therefore if you start shooting different clips but don’t like one in the middle you need to delete all the recent clips before being able to delete the one you didn’t like. I would suggest you think beforehand about the content you want to include in your video.

  • Don’t make it too long

Instagram videos use to be 15 seconds long and now you can publish for 60 seconds. Although you should always have in mind this mantra: the shorter, the better. Don’t add superficial shots, go straight to the point in order to initiate a call to action from your audience.

Why is it valuable for your brand?

When you decide to create a video for a brand, you can capture the attention of a wider audience. If you decide to have sound or music, you will get the people who are aural, verbal and visual learners. According to Kristin Hovde in How To Create Videos Your Audience Will Want To Watch, “people remember 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see and an amazing 70% of what they see and hear!” Therefore, using a video in your Instagram feed can only be beneficial.

Also creating a video for Instagram is pretty easy. You have the possibility to produce some appealing content in less than 60 seconds. It is not tedious, you don’t need great editing program or videography skills. And most of all, it is instantaneous. Once you are done recording, you can just post your video on Instagram and share it with your follower in one click.

Most of the brands that are using Instagram to publish video content don’t use a cellphone or the video function directly. The clips are usually shot with a good quality camera, edited on a computer and then transferred to the social platform. As my personal tip, I would recommend you to try out great editing apps (like Videoshop). You can edit the content, trim some clips, add more clips and most of all add music. As mentioned earlier, Instagram video function has some limitations. Although I will not be surprised if they invest in this service and create a better tool in the near future!

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